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-MSc, Computer Science, University of Bremen, Germany

-PhD, Computational Mechanics, Cardiff University, UK

-Postdoctoral research associate, Computational Anatomy and Artificial Intelligence UCL, UK

Really wide range web and software development from Scientific Computing World, Video Gaming, Educational Prog- rams, Desktop Publishing, Financial Planning etc.

The purpose of creating this website is the process of designing,writing, testing, debugging... and maintaining the source code(for Education, Business, Private, etc. uses) with the goal of producing an efficient and evolvable software solution for diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities.

In other words, with a particular kind of skilled work and profession/experience from the application of scientific, economic, social,etc. the main goal is discovering and implementing the most efficient algorithms for a given class of problem combinated with Efficiency/ performance, Portability, Robustness,Reliability ,etc.


Business,Private,etcetera Computing

With the aim of the discipline of software engineering, new development,prototyping, modification, reuse, reengine-ering, maintenance, the development of the software product will particularly meet specific needs of a specific client/business (wide range of modern business envir-onment and/or the desired software for private,etc uses)...With technical skills and business knowledge, the technical solutions for business challenges will Deliver the Desired computing professional for tomorrow's business.With years of experience in providing software solutions for particular customer.. Read more!

Advanced Scientific Computing

The Process of Solving Complex Prob- lems combinated with powerful comp- utational analysis with the goal helping the Client resolve different problems from the fields of the physical and engineering sciences, finance and economics, med- ical, social and biological science,etc. Develop and apply advanced information presentation and quantitative analysis techniques,constructing mathematical models... and using Algorithms and mathematical methods used in computational science.Read more!

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